• About us

"Just Nature" is the philosophy that guided its founder, Magdalena for years. She has felt for a long time the need to share the love to the nature with others and spread information about the positive properties of cannabis.  Hence the store founded in 2019 offering high quality products with CBD and other cannabinoids.


Hemp is a wealth of natural ingredients. Although these plants grown in Poland by their Indian counterpart are not associated with a healthy lifestyle, they are fully legally intended for the production of dietary supplements, cosmetics and raw materials that cause better well-being and support the body in the fight for health.


The most important ingredient in Just Nature's products is natural CBD - cannabidiol derived from hemp. For hundreds of years, it has been known in our culture for its positive impact on the healthy body, chronically ill people, elderly and children, and even animals! Unlike THC found in cannabis, it does not disturb concentration, does not cause hallucinations, does not stimulate hunger center, or reduces energy levels. If the preparations from Just Nature contain THC, then in an amount that does not affect the body and it is 100% legal in Poland - at a level not exceeding 0.2%.


CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is an important element supporting the physiological processes in the body of every human being. Regular use of products containing different concentrations of cannabidiol improves the appearance and well-being, helps to relax and soothes the nerves. In addition, it supports the immune system and reduces susceptibility to infection.

CBD products are also intended for chronically ill people. Especially products with higher concentrations of cannabidiol can support medical therapies in neurodegenerative, metabolic, destructive to the digestive system, cancers, people with mental problems, hypertension and facing chronic pain every day. It is worth choosing those from Just Nature, because they belong to the highest class of this type of products available in Poland. Their price is related to the quality and certainty of obtaining the desired effects with zero side effects.


Just Nature products are treasures of nature acquired with care for the environment. Cultivation of hemp in Poland takes place without the participation of pesticides and chemical plant protection products. In addition, hemp itself has a positive effect on the purification of air from heavy metals.

After ripening mature plants, CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted by using supercritical CO2. Thanks to this advanced technology, the final product does not get any impurities that the plant filters from the air, but it contains a full cannabinoid profile - components that positively affect the human body.


Packaging from Just Nature is also ecological. Dark glass protects the product against harmful solar radiation, and the use of bamboo caps minimizes the amount of plastic that enters the environment.

Just Nature's offer includes high-quality oils, pastes, crystals and hashish with cannabidiol, ointments, hemp grains and teas as well as cosmetics containing hemp.